Palm Springs & LA ’17

My favorite moments are those when I unexpectedly fall in love with a place I am visiting. Then I love simply getting lost there band I try to take it all in. That is what happened to me when I came to Palm Springs for Coachella this year. Interestingly, I had been to Palm Springs before exactly one year ago for my first Coachella. Back then, I was so excited about attending the festival for the first time, I didn’t really find the time to see and appreciate the beauty around me. Thus, when I came to Palm Springs this year I discovered so many new places in and around the city that I loved but hadn’t noticed the first time around… As soon as the Coachella craziness was over, I therefore decided to stay a few days longer to just enjoy the place. There are so many pics I haven’t shared with you yet and, therefore, I decided to write an extra post about my fun time in Palm Springs & LA. For more Coachella stories you can find my first Cali post: here. I loved strolling through the beautiful streets lined with colorful houses with painted doors (see more in these posts: here & here) and surrounded by cacti (see more: here), driving along streets winding through the sandy mountains and finding so many surprisingly charming places.

With the extra days we finally managed to do some exploring in the area and I was able to scratch a dream-destination off my list: the Joshua Tree National Park. It’s almost impossible to go to Coachella from LA without renting a car, especially when you want to stop on the way every now and then. Therefore, I was super happy that we teamed up with Porsche who treated us to a Porsche Macan for our time in California. The Macan became our dearest buddy during our trip and I had a very hard time saying goodbye in the end. Even when we found tricky roads – Alex loved making use of the Sport plus mode to conquer the more challenging roads (he is such a guy sometimes ;). Visiting the Joshua Tree National Park was definitely a highlight and you can read all about it: here. I even discovered some cool and trendy camping spots around and I might spend some more days next time. 😉

I was also lucky to run into my friend Sarah (collagevintage), who had the same idea to stay a while longer. Thus, we got the rare opportunity to share some valuable time hanging out with our boys and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Food options in Palm Springs are not as easy as in LA, but I loved Reservoir at the Arrive hotel (where we stayed with Revolve for most of the time) for yummy guacamole or Raw Remedy the most delicious Acai bowl and avo toast – Too bad I didn’t discovered this place until I was on my way back to LA. 😉

Back in LA I was staying in my faaaavorite LA hotel: The Beverly Hills Hotel. There is just something about this place which makes you feel like you are transported into an old Hollywood movie. Also, you know me, I just love pretty pink and palm tree prints! When arriving at the hotel, Alex and I were surprised with matching palm tree pj’s which were just too cute. We were so lucky with the weather and had one of our favorite LA moments at the pool of Bev Hills Hotel during sunset. No other guests were around and we headed to the hot jacuzzi and watched one of those beautiful, colorful LA sunsets. Even though I always thought LA wasn’t really my kind of city, this time I truly loved LA. It was also amazing to have some extra time after all the flights within the last weeks to meet some friends. In LA I always love spending time with some of my besties such as Michelle (TakeAim) and Brittany (Thrifts&Threats) and I also finally had time to get to know wonderful Julie of SincerlyJules better. We’d been chatting over Insta direct for quite some time, bumped into each other during Coachella and at all the festival parties and finally had some time for a girls (and Alex ;)) brunch in LA. I even had time to try my friend Michelle’s hairdresser Dell (@dell.miller) from Spoke & Weal and he was just the best! I’d never had such a good time at a salon and such a good result when visiting a hair dresser for the first time and I will definitely come back to him as soon as I’m back in LA (you are the best Dell!).

Also I tried a lot of amazing food places! I mostly had breakfast at Bev Hills Hotel (just because I love this place :)), but I also went to Carrera Café for street corn and people watching (it’s on the opposite side of the pink wall :P), Urth Café for an easy dinner, Obica for my Italian food cravings (they have burrata!;)).

Even though I can’t wait for European summer, it was hard leaving LA behind as well as so many people who I truly cherish in my heart… I’ll be back soon, sunny LA! <3


TOP: Finders Keepers (similar here), SHORTS: One Teaspoon (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here), SNEAKER: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

ROMPER: Tularosa (here), BAG: Cult Gaia (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here)

DRESS: Tularosa (here), BAG: Gucci (similar here), SHOES: Miu Miu (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here)

BODY: h:ours (soon here), SHORTS: One Teaspoon (here), SHOES: Miu Miu (here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Tularosa (here), BAG: Gucci (similar here), SHOES: Miu Miu (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here)

ROMPER: Tularosa (here), BAG: Cult Gaia (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here)


SWIMSUIT: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here)

TOP: Finders Keepers (similar here), SHORTS: One Teaspoon (here), BAG: Chanel, SLIPPERS: Gucci (similar here), SUNGLASSES: Dior (here)

DRESS: Faithfull the Brand (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here), SNEAKER: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Dior (here)

DRESS: Faithfull the Brand (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here), SNEAKER: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Dior (here)


DRESS: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Chanel, SUNGLASSES: Sunday Somewhere (here)

DRESS: Ali & Jay (here), BAG: Gucci (similar here)

SWIMSUIT: Asos (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here), EARRINGS: Tory Burch  (similar here)

ROMPER: Ali & Jay (here), SHOES: Free People (similar here),  SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Chanel, SUNGLASSES: Sunday Somewhere (here), SNEAKER: Tory Burch (here)

DRESS: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Fendi (similar here), GOLDEN PUMPS: Gucci (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here)

DRESS: House of Harlow 1960 (here), FRINGE BAG: Salar (here), SHOES: Free People (similar here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Sunday Somewhere (here), SNEAKERS: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Chanel (similar here)

DRESS: Tularosa (here)


DRESS: Free People (similar here), BAG: Valentino (here), BAG STRAP:Fendi (here)

SWIMSUIT: Marysia (here)

DRESS: Free People (similar here), SHORTS: One Teaspoon (here), SHOES: Free People (similar here), BAG: Valentino (similar here), BAG STRAP:Fendi (here)

JUMPSUIT: Free People (similar here), BAG: Chloé (here), SHOES: Chloé (similar here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here)


DENIM SHORTS: One Teaspoon (here), STUDDED BOOTS: Chloé (here), TOP: Free people (similar here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here), BAG: Gucci (similar here), KIMONO: AS by DF (here)

DRESS: Free People (similar here), STUDDED BOOTS: Chloé (here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)

DRESS: Free People (similar here), STUDDED BOOTS: Chloé (here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)

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